Christmas Meditation 4 – Mary sees an angel

This is part of a short series of meditations for the days leading up to Christmas.

Luke 1 v 26 – 56

Seeing an angel was a scary business. That is why in Scripture when we read of people encountering them, the first words spoken are “Do not be afraid.”

This was the case for Mary as we read here in this account. She was understandably very afraid, not only of seeing the angel but of the message that he brought. However, she was assured that she had found favour with God. However, the news the angel brought was earth – shattering. Mary was to have a child who would be God’s Son! Initially, she found that impossible to believe as she was still a virgin. The angel, though, told her that the child would be conceived by the Holy Spirit, not a human being. She was, though, to marry Joseph, who she was promised to.
Mary then believed the angel and said “I am the Lord’s servant. Let it be to me as you have said.” (v 38).

Then she launchesd into an amazing song of praise (v 46 – 55).
There is so much that could be said about this, but here are just two highlights:

1. Mary showed great humility. There was no sense of pride – she saw that she needed a Saviour as much as anyone else – and she rejoiced in that even if she did not fully understand what her son would have to go through. She acknowledged that God is holy and almighty and that she is the Lord’s servant.
We would do well to follow her example – if God has given us some particular task to do, or if he has blessed us in some way, we need to acknowledge who it is that has done so, and that it is all down to him.

2. Mary knew her history. She knew very well those in the Old Testament who had set themselves up and been humbled by God. She knew that God would blesses those who are dependent upon him and don’t trust in riches. She also saw that God was bringing about what he had promised to Abraham all those centuries before.
It is so important that we know and learn from those who have gone before, whether they have followed God or not. We see God’s hand in their lives and know that he still is at work in lives today.

So here is a message for us. God has shown that he is in control and, as we have seen on previous days, he fulfils his plans and purposes. Let’s follow the example of Mary as we see her trust and obedience.


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