Christmas Meditation 3 – The Family Tree

This is part of a short series of meditations for the days leading up to Christmas.

Matthew’s Gospel begins with a family tree: Matthew 1: 1 – 17. He wanted to put the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ into an historical context, so that his readers would understand that it wasn’t just a random event. What a great way to begin the New Testament – showing clearly God’s faithfulness throughout the generations culminating in the birth of Jesus. Here we see the prophecies in Isaiah and Micah being fulfilled.

And to look at the list of people there – some of them are not very well known to us. Perhaps it was part of God’s plan that Jesus would not come from a line full of well known people. The ones that we do know were by no means perfect either, or may not be those who we would immediately think of to be in such a line – Jacob, Judah, Rehab….

Again, we see the way that God does things. He does not always use those who we think he might, or those who we think worthy. Isn’t that an encouragement to us all? None of us is worthy to receive God’s blessings, so it is little surprise that he uses people who are less than worthy in his plans and purposes. It was people like us that he came to save!

We look in wonder and amazement at the people that God uses and saves and thank him for his grace and mercy.

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