The Joy of Carousel Creates

I wrote this on Wednesday 8th May.

Most Wednesday mornings I have a real treat. It’s an opportunity to get out of the apartment and up into the Dublin Mountains to a cosy house which overlooks the city. On a clear day, the views are fabulous!

This house is the home of Carousel Creates. A place where people can come to write. It is run by Carolann Copland, who is herself a writer. There are seminars and writing workshops on weekends from time to time, but the Wednesday morning event is called Carousel Creates Cafe. We arrive somewhere around 9.00 am and start with coffee and a chat. Then each of us will go to our laptops or notebooks and write. Some write poetry, others short stories, still others novels. I write theological reflections. We break for coffee at around 11.15; at this point someone gets an opportunity to read something that they have written. Then it’s back to work until finishing time at around 1.00 pm.

It is really good to get out and go to such an idyllic spot to write. There are fewer distractions (I don’t even use the wi – fi on my computer while I’m here, although as I write this I am slightly distracted looking at the Twitter feed on my phone because of Sir Alex’s retirement!).

As I have said elsewhere, I am not the most organised person in the world, and need a structured environment to get things done. When I am at cafe, I can concentrate on getting things written. It is great, as well, to meet other people during the break time.

I would certainly recommend coming here to anyone who would like such an opportunity to write. Further details about Carousel Creates are here.


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