The #atozchallenge – Reflections

It is now a week ago that I finished the A to Z Challenge, so having had some time to ponder, here are a few reflections.

Firstly, it was an excellent discipline for me to have to come up with a new post for every day of the month (except Sundays). I am not the most self – disciplined person in the world, and do not function well without some sort of structure.

The fact that it was an a to z; a different letter for each day was also useful. It meant that I didn’t have to start from scratch each time, wondering what to write for that particular day.

Theology is a wide ranging subject and there was no shortage of subjects for the majority of letters. I did have to give a bit of extra thought to q and x, though. There were quite a few possibilities for z! I made a list of possible subjects at the start, but I did change some of them when I came to write.

However, even though the posts were all about Theological/Biblical issues, they were slightly random. I don’t think that necessarily matters; it’s not as if I was writing a novel where people were waiting for the next installment, or even a textbook which would have to have some sort of logical progression.

What was most important for me was that for each post, I had to spend time considering the issue about which I was writing, and to meditate upon such great themes was greatly beneficial. For a Christian, to spend time considering the great truths of the faith is uplifting and challenging.

Also of supreme importance was that I was passing these thoughts on to the readers. I trust, too, that they will have been helped and encouraged. I was delighted to receive comments along the way from those who had read the posts, and was pleased that people had found them helpful.

What I now need to do is to make sure that I continue to write blog posts on a regular basis, I do not want to lose the impetus of the past month. I think I am going to have to have a big sign that flashes up on my computer that says “Have you blogged?”

I am also considering putting the posts together to form a short eBook.
Thank you again to you for reading and commenting. The next post will be along shortly!


6 thoughts on “The #atozchallenge – Reflections

  1. Found your blog through the A to Z Reflections, Rich. I, too, enjoy how the challenge causes me to reflect on my faith, as my blog posts are usually encouraging devotionals. Happily following along now.
    Pam at 2 Encourage


  2. God bless you, brother. I did enjoy all the posts I read; it was a very successful endeavor I’d say… interesting, engaging, enlightening, and well worth the read. Keep up the good work and may inspiration continue to flow to you from God’s Throne. (Your follow-up thoughts were also useful to me – good and timely post!)


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