X – Xerxes

This is the one that some of you were waiting for – what’s he going to do with X you thought. I had considered cheating and going for eXodus, but in the end went for the King who was around at the time of Esther. I hope that is not a disappointment!

We have already looked at that story here and we saw the way that God used Esther to save the people of God.

But we must remember that he used Xerxes too. He was the one who chose Esther to be his Queen in the first place. If she had not been in that position, she would not have been able to have the influence that she had upon him. He chose to listen to Esther in the end rather than Haaman, and he arranged for the demise of this enemy.

From this we can learn that God often uses more than one person to fulfil his plans. Sometimes he uses people, as he had with Xerxes, in a lesser capacity than someone else. But none the less they are still vital to what happens.

In the case of Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus were used in his burial. That prepared the way for the empty tomb on Easter morning. God can use each of us in some capacity for his purposes. It is up to us to be ready!

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