P – Preaching

It may not seem to be much of a surprise that P is for preaching, as I introduce myself on the Blog as a “Preacher and Musician” (although I didn’t choose musician for M!). This is a subject that I am passionate about – I believe that communicating God’s Word is so vital. After all, it is what GOD has said!

Sadly, it has become neglected in some places, possibly because the feeling is that people will not be able (or willing) to sit for 30 to 40 minutes and listen. It is certainly true that we live in an age which is fast moving, and therefore demands a shorter attention span. If you have watched some older TV series from the 60s or 70s, you will think that what you are seeing is incredibly slow paced!

And yet, I don’t think that we should give up on preaching, because through it God speaks, and people are saved. The Apostle Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 1: 21:

” It pleased God by the folly of what we PREACH to save those who believe.”

God is at work – he will enable people to listen and it is he that is at work by His Spirit.

Of course, we who are preachers have the responsibility to make the sermons interesting enough to listen to – in fact I once heard someone suggest that to preach a boring sermon may be a sin! We can ask God to so his work of speaking to those listening, and bringing about the changes in their lives that He wants.

And it is vital that we preach CHRIST, not our own thoughts. In that same passage the Apostle writes:

“We preach Christ crucified.”

That is not what most people want to hear, indeed the Apostle acknowledges that it is foolishness to them. That is why we need to trust in God to do the work – to make people realise that it is not foolishness but wisdom. And he will!

6 thoughts on “P – Preaching

  1. Amen brother! As another called to speak God’s Word to His people (and anyone else who will listen!) I agree completely with the need for preaching, and the need for quality preachers; may God continue to perfect those He has called to serve!


  2. There are preachers and there are ……….preachers!

    A good preacher will not be afraid to speak the TRUTH, to soak him(her)self in prayer for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and to give the glory to GOD.

    I have heard some preachers (including one or two from my former spiritual home!) who think quantity is better than quality, that performance and sound-bites have more lasting impact (than the blessed Word of GOD…?), and who bask in congregational adulation.

    Give me a man (or woman!) who is not ashamed to get down on their knees and weep before the Lord and I will get on my knees with him (her)!

    Today there seems to be a great deal of preaching that panders to what people ‘want’ to hear, rather than what they ‘NEED’ to hear; watering down the Gospel so it doesn’t offend people and presenting things in a ‘cool’ fashion. Well, the Gospel IS meant to offend, because it goes against the grain of what MAN thinks is the standard norm. As for being ‘cool’ – well, that’s just another word for lukewarm – and we know that the Bible says about that! (Rev. 3:15-17)

    Sue H One Small Cogwheel


    • Great point, Sue, thank you. It certainly is true that we, who are preachers, have a responsiblilty to preach what God’s Word says, not our own thoughts and ideas, even if that goes against the popular consensus. And it often does! It is also true that all preachers should be humbly on their knees before the Lord, seeking to please him alone.


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