K – King

Yesterday we saw that Jesus was born as Saviour. He was also born to be King. Throughout his ministry he talked about “The Kingdom.” As well as coming to earth to save, he also came to usher in this Kingdom. And he is the King!

That means he is the one who rules, is in control. If people accept and trust in him, he will be their King and they will become part of the Kingdom. That fact was realised by those in authority during his time on earth, although they mocked him for that very thing when he was put to death. Pilate put a sign above the cross saying “KING OF THE JEWS.”

The King did not stay dead – he came back to life and after another 40 days on earth was taken up into heaven. That is where he is now – as King!

That isn’t the end of it – one day he will return to this earth as King and take to be with him all those who have submitted to his Kingly rule. Those who have not will be separated from him.

As Christians, we acknowledge Jesus as our King and rejoice that we are a part of his Kingdom.

“Jesus is King and I will extol Him,
Give Him the glory and honour His name!
He reigns on high, enthroned in the heavens:
Word of the Father exalted for us.”

Wendy Churchill

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