E – Eternity

Eternity is a difficult concept for us to understand. As human beings, we are bound by the constraints of time. We can’t understand how anything can happen outside of that – there has to be reference points of beginning and end.

God is an eternal being – he exists outside of time. There was never a time when he was not, and there never will be a time when he is. We can’t get our heads around that! We are finite beings.

The Gospel does have an essential eternal dimension. The main purpose of Jesus becoming a finite human was to prepare us for eternity – one day we will be eternal beings. There will be a beginning for us; the day when he returns. But our lives with him will never end.

Those who are not trusting in him will also go into eternity, not to be with him forever, but to be separated from him.

This is what makes the gospel so vital – it is about where we will spend eternity. And, unlike this life, that will never end – compare 70 or 80 years to that.

Jesus came to give life for eternity!


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