D – Doctrine

Doctrine has become a bit of a dirty word among some Christians. Very simply it is about what we believe. The reason that it has become unpopular is that it is seen as being divisive, there are, in some quarters, long and complex debates over doctrinal issues. Therefore, in the minds of some, we should reject the whole concept.

I would like to suggest that we need to look at this more positively. Doctrine, if rightly understood, is not something to argue over but to point us to Jesus and what he has done.

Here are some great doctrines:

Jesus was born and lived a perfect life, and taught many things. In fact, some of those who dismiss doctrine tell us that we should be following the teaching of Jesus – his doctrine.

Jesus died in the place of sinners, he gloriously rose again to life.

He ascended into heaven and will one day return in glory.

Surely these are things that cause us to rejoice and worship him. And that has to be a good thing!

2 thoughts on “D – Doctrine

  1. Doctrine, when understood and applied correctly, is the heart of evangelism – when we can explain what we believe and why, we are best empowered to share the Good News with others. Great topic, great post!


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