B – Bible

The Bible is an extremely important book for Christians. We see it not an outdated document which cannot be believed, but the Word of the Living God. If we want to know what God says, we need to look in his word.

There is no doubt that this Book has come under attack from many people, both inside and outside the church. If it says relates events that are supernatural, or teaches things that are uncomfortable to the modern mind, then attempts will be made to discredit it or at least to claim it is not relevant to us anymore.
For those of us who trust in Jesus, we see it as vital and by faith believe what it says. In its pages are, in fact, that can have a lasting and overwhelmingly positive impact upon the world. Keep reading these posts to find out more.

2 thoughts on “B – Bible

  1. Richard and Sue you are so right, I don’t know where I’d be without it! Many don’t know where to start, the book is so ginormous!

    When I first read, I admit I skipped some of the “family tree” stuff, who can pronounce and keep track of all those people anyway?? I read on through the Torah, and the early history books. I remember thinking how is THIS in the Bible?!?! The adventures were so incredible, you couldn’t make this stuff up! There was a blockbuster movie starting on every other chapter!! Then into the books wisdom wow, convicting and encouraging still even today. Then those of the prophets, and I was blown away at the predictions that did in fact come to pass in recorded history. Finally there was this Jesus guy, not at all how I imagined we would be; A man’s man, but way BIGGER than that. Never heard of another like him. There’s much more, too much already for a comment box;)

    All that to say, for those wondering… Yes, it’s worth the read. And probably not gonna be at all what you expect.


    Erick @ A Brief Sinfonia: Loving You’re Wife From A-Z


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