The Weekly Hymn

One of the good things about newer worship songs is that there is often a strong emphasis upon the power and majesty of God. It could be argued that some other themes are not well represented, but certainly when it comes to offering praise to God for his awesome greatness, the past 30 years or so have provided some excellent material.

One of my favourites is King of kings, majesty by Jerrod Cooper. This is a great song because not only does it give the reminder that God is awesome in power and is to be praised, it gives reasons for praise. In the first verse alone, we give God glory because he is King, God of heaven, Saviour, friend, deliverer, Beginning and end.

Verse 2 tells us of God as Love eternal, faithful and true, the One who redeems individuals and nations.

The chorus is a response to bow in worship and adoration, again a reminder of what God has done – clothed us in royal robes that we don’t deserve!

King of kings, majesty,
God of heaven living in me.
Gentle Saviour, closest friend,
Strong Deliverer, Beginning and End:
All within me falls at your throne.

Your Majesty, I can but bow;
I lay my all before you now.
In royal robes I don’t deserve,
I live to serve your majesty.

Earth and heaven worship you
Love eternal, faithful and true.
Who bought the nations, ransomed souls;
Brought this sinner near to your throne:
All within me cries out in praise!

Jarrod Cooper

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