Congratulations, President Obama!

So the American people have cast their votes, and have re – elected President Barack Obama to serve for another four years. It has been a close election, with a fiercely fought campaign, continuing even to Election Day itself!

Many people in the world will be very happy with the outcome, it seems that President Obama has been overwhelmingly more popular in virtually every country, with large numbers in the UK and Ireland preferring him to Mitt Romney. His visits to Great Britain and Ireland last year were a great success; he got on well with both David Cameron and Enda Kenny, and endeared himself to people in both countries.

The President is seen to be less likely to take military action than his rival, although there are still questions regarding Guantanamo Bay. His health care plans are very popular, he comes across as very genuine, concerned about others.

There are issues upon which he would take a different view from many Christians, particularly concerning abortion and same – sex marriage. So, how should we respond?

Most importantly, we need to recognise that President Obama has been put in place by God. The Apostle Paul in Romans puts it like this:

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Romans 13: 1 (ESV)

So whatever his policies, including those that may run contrary to God’s Word, his authority comes from God. Therefore he is to be respected. I have read a number of Blog posts this morning from American evangelicals, and have been very impressed with the tone of what they have written. To take just one example Russell Moore writes as follows:

We are going to disagree with the President on some (important) things; there will be other areas where we can work with the President. But whether in agreement or disagreement, we can honor. Honor doesn’t mean blanket endorsement.

You can read the whole post here.

This, it seems to me is a very positive approach. I believe that it is important that we pray for America and President Obama. Some more words of the Apostle Paul are appropriate here:

I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. 1 Timothy 2: 1 – 2 (ESV)

Congratulations, President Obama. We will pray for you!

3 thoughts on “Congratulations, President Obama!

  1. Hi Richard , I agree mostly with your reflection on the election. However the Health care issues are in the main and will remain as far as I can tell from here a very hotly contested one. The general weel to do are not at all in favour as they say why should we pay for those that cant. They point the finger at Europe and because they are speaking with me ,wat Ireland in particular as to the reasons for the nation to be bust with social welfare and banking issues . here in Canada , they have fought with Ottowa from decades , therough strong unions and workers alike to have dental and optical beniftsincluded in the health act etc. They have faoled misserably and so many Canadians have very poor oral and dental hygene. Also most emplyers pay your benifts and as a result if you are out of work you have no benifts at all and small jobseekers weekly amount etc.So I agree , inspite of the fact I do not like American politics and their foreign policies we must pray for them but I believe we should start endevouring to be more ferverent in prayer for the Irish Government at this time as I read today the IMF are knocking on the parliment doors yet again.
    As an aside what is you take on the lack of real God fearing Christians , willing to serve in the Dail? Ihave my views ofcourse.


  2. Interesting comments, John. The whole healthcare issue is far from straightforward, I know that living in Ireland but coming from the UK where it is free to visit the doctor etc. although you do have to pay for dental care. In general, I think it is a good thing to provide such healthcare, but obviously cost has to be taken into account. Savings would have to be made elsewhere. I would applaud Obama for taking the issue seriously, but realise that the reality is that unless it is already in place (as in the UK), it is not straightforward just to make it happen.

    I am convinced that we need more godly people in the Dail. It is, I think, a case of praying that God will put it in the hearts of some to go for it. Perhaps if Christians in general had more of a grasp of politics,then some would be inspired to take up the challenge.


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