The Weekly Hymn

So, the observant among you will notice I have changed the title of this weekly feature. As you have probably noticed, I don’t always post the hymn on a Monday, so the new title suits better.

This week’s hymn was written by Thoro Harris who was born in Washington in 1874, and lived in various places in America. He walked around with a canvas bag full of books for sale. He wrote and compiled a number of works, including this one. It speaks of the way that Jesus is precious to those who know him, and explains why:

Who can cheer the heart like Jesus,
By His presence all divine?
True and tender, pure and precious,
O how blest to call Him mine!

All that thrills my soul is Jesus;
He is more than life to me;
And the fairest of ten thousand,
In my blessed Lord I see.

Love of Christ so freely given.
Grace of God beyond degree,
Mercy higher than the heaven,
Deeper then the deepest sea.

What a wonderful redemption!
Never can a mortal know
How my sin, tho’ red like crimson,
Can be whiter than the snow.

Every need His hand supplying,
Every good in Him I see;
On His strength divine relying,
He is all in all to me.

By the crystal flowing river
With the ransomed I will sing,
And forever and forever
Praise and glorify the King.
Thoro Harris

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