Team Hope

I know that many people don’t want to be reminded of this, but Christmas is coming! For most people in the “Developed world” (apart from those who choose not to participate), there will be presents given and received.

Children in particular look forward to this time of the year, there is great excitement in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and on the day itself when the presents are opened.

However, there are many countries in the world where this will not be happening. Poverty levels are such that giving gifts at Christmas is just not possible. There are, though, organisations here in Ireland, and other countries too who, each year, take shoeboxes filled with presents for children who would not otherwise have them.

One such organisation is Team Hope. On their website they describe themselves as follows:

TEAM HOPE is an independent Irish, interdenominational Christian relief and development charity.

As Christians we are motivated to do what we do, by the love of God. We’re inspired by the compassion of Jesus, who using people like us, can bring hope to those in his world, who have experienced little love and have little hope for the future.

We work with anyone, irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity or background, believing that in God’s eyes, everyone in need is equally deserving of receiving help. We will not make distinctions on any other criteria apart from need.

We work together in co-operation with the people of Ireland, and with our overseas partners to make this happen.

Here is an organisation who show their faith in very practical ways. This really shows “THE POWER of WE”. What they are saying is that people in partnership with them can make a difference.

In Acts 4: 31 – 35 we read about the way the believers lived, those who had much shared with those who did not have. Now that was at a local level. In our global society of today, the same principle applies, those who have much (eg in Ireland) are to help those who do not have in other countries. One way of doing that is through a group such as Team Hope.

As an organisation, Team Hope do much more than this throughout the year, but the Christmas Shoebox is the most high profile of their activities. What a great way of demonstrating the Christian faith in action!

Find out more here

This is written as part of Blog Action Day 2012 #BAD12

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