Modern Technology 2

I know, I know…. I said a few weeks ago that I would post about modern technology. But somehow I haven’t been able to do it! I would in no shape or form claim to be a writer, but I think I have felt something of “writers’ block”! I haven’t known what to write.

That’s ridiculous, you say. Modern technology is such a big topic, there is SO MUCH to say. well, perhaps that is the problem. There are so many aspects: The internet, social media, household gadgets, phones…. How to decide what to write about?

I am just going to give a few principles that are to do with interaction with others on the internet. That, it seems to me, is an important subject – how we relate to others is vital. I know already that I am not going to get anywhere near to doing it justice. So here goes:

1. There are tremendous advantages in terms of connecting with others. Facebook and Twitter are undoubtedly the largest platforms for this,although there are numerous other forums for business and social connections. You can certainly connect with more people now than ever before. And in a meaningful way too if you so choose. You will interact more with some than others, you will chat to people you otherwise would not. Such a great thing!

2. There is a downside, though, and that is that there is no substitute for a face to face meeting, however good the electronic media is. To be in the same room as them to speak directly is even better than any really good interaction electronically. Of course, that isn’t always possible if the person you are chatting to lives on the other side of the world, but it is good to make sure that you don’t only have “internet conversations.” Meet real people sometimes too. If you have got to know someone on Facebook or Twitter that lives locally, arrange to visit them, have a coffee with them.

3. In terms of the Christian faith too, the internet is a great resource. You can find out about Christians of any shade of opinion you care to mention. There are great Christian Blog posts to read and lots of websites with helpful stuff that will be of benefit to God’s Church. You can listen to sermons of your favourite preachers, wherever they are in the world. Again great resources!

4. However, you have to be discerning, read and listen carefully to what is being written and said. Is it in line with what the Scripture teaches? Talk to others about what you read, see what they think. Most importantly, all this good stuff is no substitute for being part of a local church. As I said before, it is always much better to have face to face meetings with people. There is something very powerful about Christians gathered together to praise God and hear him speak from his Word.

As I have written this I realise that I haven’t even scratched the surface of 0.1% of what is out there. But I could write on this subject and no other for 12 hours a day every day and still not exhaust all that could be said!

So that’s it for now, I trust you found those principles helpful.

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