Christian Unity 3

So, what constitutes an essential doctrine? What, on the other hand, may be seen as a secondary issue; in the words of one of my former Pastors “I wouldn’t go to the stake for that!” And on what basis does one decide?

Of course, the problem is that there are some issues that are seen as essential by some, and secondary by others. Therefore, to get a consensus among Christians is almost impossible.

I would suggest that essentials are those things directly related to salvation. But even saying that, there is no agreement upon what things in this area alone constitute essential. If I were to make a list, some people would say it is too long, and others that it is too short.

So, what to do? I know the things in my mind that are essentials. I have to make sure I belong to a local church that believes them. It is likely that there are some things, which I regard as secondary, where I would differ from others in the church. I would also have to accept the fact that my local church would not be to everyone’s liking, some might wish for a more exhaustive list of doctrines, others a shorter one.

I have found these 2 posts helpful – they have summed things up better than I have, and raised a few issues to think about:

1. From “The Resurgence” here

2. From the Evangelical Alliance (UK) here

So, what do you think are essential doctrines?

In my next post I will put my head above the parapet and be more explicit about what I think!


2 thoughts on “Christian Unity 3

  1. Only one essential doctrine for me: That Christ died for my sins, that I call upon His name, trust in Him and accept Him as my Lord and Saviour. I need to know nothing else to get my ticket for eternity.


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