Another Comeback….

Yes, I think this Blog has had nearly as many comebacks as Frank Sinatra! But here we are.

Annmarie and I have been in Kilcullen, Co. Kildare for 7 months now, and are involved in church life at Brannockstown. The fellowship has been great, we have been made to feel very much at home and part of things. I get the opportunity to preach once or twice a month, Annmarie helps with the Sunday School and we both lead the music at the services from time to time.

As we serve the Lord here, we are still asking him in the longer term what he wants us to do. Please pray for us in that.

As regards this Blog, I will continue to comment upon theological matters of interest, please keep reading. I would be interested in any feedback with suggestions of topics to discuss.

In the meantime, Annmarie has suggested that I put a reminder on my phone to update this regularly. Hopefully that will work…

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