Wednesday Morning Hymn

Over these last few days, I have been thinking of a hymn that was a favourite of my Grandfather, who went to be with the Lord 26 years ago. He was a Welsh speaker, and the hymn was “Iesu, Iesu, ‘rwyt ti’n ddigon”, by William Williams. It has been translated into English,and became a favourite in the church where I grew up. It is a hymn that speaks of the fact that Jesus is completely sufficient for all that we need in this life and the next. There is much criticism in some quarters today that many songs are too subjective, and experiential in nature. That may be so, but there have always been hymns like that written. This is one such from the 18th century! I must say that whenever I sing it I find it heart warming and a great means of contemplating and experiencing Christ and what he has done.

Jesus, Jesus, all sufficient,
Beyond telling is Thy worth.
In Thy Name lie greater treasures
Than the richest found on earth.
Such abundance
Is my portion with my God.

In Thy gracious face there’s beauty,
Far surpassing everything
Found in all the earth’s great wonders
Mortal eyes have ever seen.
Rose of Sharon,
Thou Thyself art Heaven’s delight!

William Williams Tr. Bobi Jones

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