Monday Morning Hymn

I think it’s great when an older hymn that could pass into obscurity is given a new lease of life by a really good new tune. One such hymn is “Yes, finished the Messiah dies” by Charles Wesley. He was a prolific, and arguably the best known, hymn writer of the 18th century. Many of his hymns concentrate on the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and what they mean. The new (ish) tune is upbeat, and fits the mood of the words perfectly.

In this particular hymn, Wesley explains the significance of Jesus’ death – “Yes, finished….” In other words, the work that needed to be done for our Salvation was completed, finished at on the cross by His death.

That means we have nothing to add to it – in fact, there is nothing we can add – it has all been done for us. That completed work means that, if we are trusting in him, we are accepted by God, and are certain of a place in heaven.

Yes, finished the Messiah dies,
cut off for sins but not his own
Completed is the sacrifice,
the great redeeming work is done
Yes finished all the debt is paid,
Justice divine is satisfied,
The grand and full atonement made
God for a guilty world has died.

In Christ accepted and brought near
and clothed in righteousness divine
I see the path to life made clear
and all your merits Lord are mine
Death, hell and sin are now subdued
All grace is now to sinners giv’n
And so I plead the atoning blood
And claim the title deeds of heaven

Charles Wesley

8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Hymn

  1. Hi. I’ve been looking everywhere for the sheet music to this new tune. Do you have any idea where I could find it? I believe it’s by Christopher Idle but I’m stuck beyond that! Anything would be a great help. Thanks. Nathan, Nottingham


  2. Hi – do you have any idea where I can download a version of this hymn to listen to? I love this hymn but can’t find it anywhere! Thanks.


    • Hi Ben. I’m sorry, but I don’t have a recording of this, and I can’t find it on the Internet either. The best I can do is point you in the direction of the sheet music (see above).


  3. I have been trying to find this being played with the new upbeat tune so I can show it to my music group does anyone know where I can find it please. Regards Martin Staker Worthing Tabernacle UK.


  4. This is an outstanding hymn and newish tune I introduced to Ireland a decade ago and am amazed it hasn’t been more popular. I’m trying to use it again this Easter but like others here, can’t find choral sheet music anywhere


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