Relying on God (2)

As I said in my last post, the subject of relying on God is absolutely vital in the Christian life. In fact in some ways it sums up what being a Christian is all about.

If that is so, then it needs to be a reality in life. It is no good saying that I rely on God if my life tells a different story.

As many readers of this BLOG will be aware, Annmarie and I have felt the call of God on our lives for the past two years, and are seeking God as to what we should be doing. I am finishing in IBI at the beginning of June, so we will be looking to God for what happens after that. In other words relying on him!

There are two dangers to avoid. The first one is to think that relying on God means just doing nothing, and waiting passively for something to happen. He does expect us to find the opportunities that are there and see what possible doors of opportunity may open.

The other danger is to do too much and think that we need to run around like headless chickens for the next 6 months seizing everything that comes. That is not really relying on God, that is simply in our own strength just finding something because it is there, not because it is what God wants.

What relying on God should look like is praying to him and asking for wisdom and reading his word to hear him speak to us. THEN we will be able to weigh up which opportunities to pursue and trust that God will show us the right one.

We would value the prayers of you, the readers, too.


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