New Pastors’ Conference – Day 1

As I write this, it is actually the end of day 2! However, I will be blogging a day behind, it gives me time to reflect on each day before committing type to screen.

I arrived at about 12.30 pm yesterday, it was great straight away to meet new people. After a delicious fish and chip lunch we had the first session.

There were a few of the speakers who were scheduled to be here, who are ill and therefore not able to attend. Anyway, the first session was taken by Phil Swann who took us to the book of Revelation. He spoke from the first chapter reminding us that the top priority in ministry is to keep our eyes on the risen, glorified Jesus. It was a real encouragement, as that keeps things in perspective.

The second session was a seminar on keeping going in ministry when the going gets tough.This was taken by Dafydd Job, who very helpfully used Biblical examples as well as his own experiences in over 25 years of ministry to encourage us to keep going.

The speaker for the third and final session of the day was Brian Edwards, who used the Lord Jesus Christ as an example of what leadership should be, giving good practical teaching on the subject.

The first day was such a blessing. It has been really great to be able to meet other men, who are in the early years in the Pastorate, and receive such good ministry.

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