A Busy Weekend

I am writing this from beautiful (but wet) North Wales. I’m at a conference for New Pastors – those who have been in ministry 5 years or less, and those in the last year of Bible College (that’s me!). However, this post is not about that, the next one will be, in the not too distant future.

The weekend was fairly busy. On Saturday evening, I was helping at a Focus on the Family seminar “Teenagers, what every parent has to know!” Rob Parsons was the speaker, very engaging, lots of good, sound advice for those trying to bring up teens. It was encouraging for Focus on the Family, as there was a good number there, and some people signed up to be partners of the organisation. It was great to be there.

Sunday morning saw a fairly early start, as we made the journey down to Carlow. I was preaching at Carlow Bible Church. God was very good, and gave me the enabling necessary. It was good to have the opportunity to chat with people from the church afterwards, too.

After a very welcome lunch with Paddy (one of the leaders), and his wife, we drove back to Dublin, as I was to catch the ferry in the evening. So, after packing a few things into a couple of cases, it was on to the LUAS to the Point, then taxi to the port .

The crossing was very smooth – I was able to curl up in a corner and read my book. I arrived in Holyhead at 12.30 am, met my brother in law and went to a B&B for the night.

So this morning, we drove here to Bryn – y – Groes conference centre,  and it’s great to be here, but more of that to come…. Meanwhile, I am grateful to God for safe travel, and that he has been with me over the weekend.

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