Playing and Preaching

Had a reasonably busy weekend. On Saturday I was playing and Annmarie was singing at a wedding – one of the occasional events that we get through the Miles Music website. I think that went reasonably well, I always enjoy playing at weddings, sometimes it is at the ceremony (as it was on Saturday), other times I provide piano accompaniment to drinks receptions.

On Sunday morning in Grosvenor, we were challenged from the second part of Romans 15 as to what was our passion? John reminded us that the Apostle Paul was passionate about getting the gospel out to people who had not heard or responded to it. That then made me think – over these past 2 years, my passion has changed. I have always been into music and I love to play piano and organ. It was always my great passion. But over these last couple of years, God has placed a real desire within me to preach his word to others.

I had the opportunity to do that on Sunday evening in Grosvenor, speaking from Daniel chapter 5 on the way that God dealt with Belshazzar in his rebellion. God was very good to me, he gave me real enabling to bring his word. I trust that his Spirit will be at work through the word in the lives of people.

As I say, the only reason that I am able to stand there and preach is because of the power of God – I dare not attempt to do it in my own strength. But I really do feel that God is at work through his word when preaching.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love to play piano and organ (as on Saturday afternoon), but that is not where my passion is any more. I have another opportunity next Sunday morning in Carlow to preach God’s Word. I am continuing to pray for his enabling.

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