How Great is our God

So reads the title of a well known Chris Tomlin song. But, it is a reality. Our God is great!

I have been reminded of this over the last few days in a number of ways.

On Tuesday evening, we were considering Psalm 135 in our home group. This theme runs throughout it. The Psalmist gives so many reasons why God is great and worthy of praise: he has calls his people precious (v4), he is above all gods (v5), he does what he pleases (v6), he is in control of the elements (v7), he has redeemed his people (v8-12), he is a living God in contrast to dead idols (v13- 18). We had a very encouraging discussion in our small group, and it was a great reminder as to how to put things in perspective. When we acknowledge God’s greatness, it puts the things that happen to us in their place.

In our leadership class yesterday, we were looking at the importance of leading as part of a team, no – one should be a lone ranger. As a leadership team it is vital that everyone is completely focussed on God – a team is all about relationships, and a right vertical relationship will result in right horizontal ones. Knowing the greatness of God will have such a big impact upon how ministry is done.

This morning we have been looking at John’s gospel and the way that Jesus confronted the religious leaders. The thing that they would not accept was that he was God “Before Abraham was, I AM” (John 8 v 58). The greatness of God was demonstrated by Jesus in what he did and said.

I have also been reflecting on my own life. If the main perspective is “How great is our God”, then it means that he can be trusted for everything. Even when I don’t know where he is leading, he knows what he is doing, he will take me there one step at a time. I can serve him now. He is worthy to be praised and served. And yet, I know that he loves me and wants what is best for me. Wherever he leads, I can be sure that is true.

Name above all names,

worthy of all praise,

my heart will sing

How Great is our God!

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