Snooker and Services

On Saturday, I spent most of the day watching Power Snooker. Now Snooker is the one sport in which I take a big interest. I follow soccer from a distance, I generally try and find out how things are going in the Premiership. I cheer Wales on when they are playing rugby. But it is Snooker that has the greatest fascination. The first match I remember being really interested in was the 1980 World final in which Cliff Thorburn beat Alex Higgins. I have been an avid follower ever since, through the Davis era of the 80s, the Hendry era of the 90s, through the 00s with Williams O’Sullivan etc. right up to the present day.

Which is a long winded way of saying that I always like to watch Snooker when it is on. So on Saturday, I settled back for this new format – Power Snooker. It is NOT “proper” snooker; without going into detail it is faster paced than the usual game, there are less reds, you can accumulate bonus points, and the crowd are more rowdy, more like at a darts match. (I don’t mind watching them from time to time too…..). Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I don’t think Power Snooker will replace the more normal game, nor should it. It was just entertaining to watch.

Yesterday started early, so it was just as well that we had had an extra hour! We had to be in church at 9.00 – RTE came to broadcast the morning service from Grosvenor. You can hear it here. The theme was Jesus as Light of the World, and the difference that he can make when we let his light shine into our lives. John Samuel, our Pastor, was the main speaker with other spoken contributions. The singing came over well, I was playing the piano – you can hear that from time to time. Annmarie was the lead vocalist on a couple of songs. It was good to be involved with it, and we pray that as the message went out, God will use it to speak to many people’s lives not only in Ireland, but internationally as it goes out over the internet.

In the evening we had Jeff Hay to speak. He is the Pastor of Ballycullen Community Church which was planted from Grosvenor a few years ago. He spoke from Exodus on the plagues and the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart. It was significant that he hardened his heart AND God hardened his heart – a great reminder of God’s sovereignty and human responsibility. He used a very helpful illustration of a rope on a pulley with both ends hanging down. In order to pull yourself up you need to hold both ends – he likened one end to God’s sovereignty, the other to human responsibility. It was a powerful message reminding us about who God is and that he is both judge and merciful, and how important it is to realise that, for our eternal good.

All in all then, a good weekend!



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